My hair looks better then ever after Emily did the cut and color (highlights and balayage). I think this may be the best color I’ve ever had.
I moved here from NYC and preferred to travel to my NY hairdresser because I just didn’t believe I could find someone this good with curly hair in SLC. That all changed i went to Emily, I am so incredibly grateful for her talent and skill. She is an absolute master with curly hair. Viktoriya Braginsky

EMILY IS AN ANGEL. First and for most I just want to talk about her overall vibe. She was so kind thoughtful and intuitive – we had the greatest conversation, she was very easy to open up to and talk to which made the hair appointment that much better! I was super nervous to cut my hair because I have curly hair and have honestly never been anywhere where they know what they were doing with curly hair, until I met Emily. I put all my trust in her and I absolutely loved the results!
She’s extremely talented at what she does!!!
Thank you Emily!!! Symone Bartlett

Emily is the best. THE BEST. I used to go years between haircuts because nobody knew how to cut my curly hair. Then I found Emily. Every time she cuts my hair, she does a fantastic job. She’s willing to try out new things, but she also intuitively knows what works with my hair and what doesn’t. I got another amazing haircut from her today and I could not be more pleased 😍😍 Emily is also warm, engaging and easy to talk to. I always feel welcome in her salon. I seriously can’t say enough good things about her!-Bekah Claussen

Emily Lasater, Your dedication to your craft is epic!
Absolutely the best hair work I’ve ever had.
Anywho, back to Emily. If you are someone with wavy to curly hair and lives in or near the Salt Lake City area I highly recommend checking her out. You know, or fly in from out of town to see her.

My hair feels hydrated and happy 🙂
The wisdom and clarifications about how different straight hair is from curly hair are astounding.
If you have had any difficulty with curly hair, now is your time to embrace them and up your sexy by at least 20%
Thank you, Emily.

Emily is a master when it comes to curly hair and coloring. She also has super curly hair, so she lives the curly hair life too! I have a short & sassy cut and she always makes my curls look amazing! She will also give styling tips, so your curls will looking fabulous between appointments.-Michelle Passage

Emily really listened to me/my thoughts and combined that with her professional opinion to give me a fantastic curly cut. She was in another studio for a long time, but has decided to go out on her own. I would recommend her to any curlies looking for that specialization. It’s worth every penny!!-Kathina Allen

Emily is an amazing hair stylist and a very kind person! I have tried several different salons in SLC and this one is by far my favorite!! She is always able to accommodate me into her schedule and her products are more natural based. She has done dramatic changes on my hair, and I always walk out feeling better than ever! She has a cozy studio which makes it feel more personal and inviting! Overall, a great experience!-Kenzie Walgren

I’ve never spent “real money” on a haircut, and having hair that reaches my waist I was always verrry cautious when it came to whom I let touch my hair, it always seemed like a trim turned into me loosing wayy more than anticipated in the past.
Not with Emily!!
One of my customers at a coffee shop who I thought was bald (always wearing caps) came in one morning, head full of curls saying he “knows a gal” who specialized in curl cuts!
I have NEVER seen the FULL potential of my hair than after Emily’s Magic! It looks amazing when I take it down even after wearing it up in a bun all night and day, its never been easier to maintain, and makes me feel GrEaT!
Thank You Emily!!-Nadia K

Emily is so warm, fun & friendly. She is an expert goddess of curly hair and can teach you the best hints to manage your wild mane. It’s only a matter of time to before she’s a TV expert on curly hair. I highly recommend her to all ya’ll!-Ambrosia Tatyana Tuft

I have been so scared to dye my hair, cut it, or even put any new products in it since October 2017 when I was diagnosed with alopecia arietta. Emily reassured me that she uses all natural products and it shouldn’t affect my alopecia or pregnancy in any harmful way. She was able to highlight and blend all of my regrowth hair, which is 2 inches short, with my longer shoulder length hair. You can’t even notice the length difference. It blends so perfectly, I still am beyond stunned at how great she did! Emily’s product’s felt wonderful on my scalp and the smell wasn’t harsh at all! I love how she cut and styled my hair! All in all I am beyond satisfied with how amazing Emily did with my hair, I have already recommended her to my family and friends. I definitely will be returning to her in the future.-Misti Western

I started seeing Emily last March and she has cut my hair three times now and I have loved the results every time! I hadn’t had my hair professionally cut for ages because most salons don’t really know what to do with curly hair but I finally bit the bullet and started calling some salons around SLC. All the curly specific salons I found either charged an obnoxious amount for a college girl or would cut curly hair wet. Emily was the only person I could find who charged a reasonable rate and would cut my curls dry. I am happy to say that I am always impressed and pleased with Emily’s work. She’s really nice and will take the time to listen to your hair concerns and follow through. I would recommend Vibe Curl for any curly girl-Tay

Emily is the best curly hair stylist. I found her a couple years after I had embraced my curls and she just changed my perception of my hair even more. She just knows what she’s doing and I trust her 100%. I let her chop my hair once and it was my favorite hair cut… EVER! Still do short hair because I just love it that much.-Cami Quinones

I finally found the person who cares about knowing me and what my hair takes to make me look great! This woman knows what she’s about.! I’ve never had anyone get in tune with my energy the way she does, oh yeah, and I look like the real me👍👍.-James Johnson

I’ve been coming to Emily for years. She is wonderful and I always look forward to it. My hair is magnificent and I need all the help I can get, and she takes care of it all!.-Tristi Snyder

I love Emily! She is the only person I let cut my curly hair. I trust her with my curls and always leave feeling so good and taken care of. Her warmth and joy fills the room and it’s always something I look forward too. 💕
Fantastic haircuts.-Sydney Osmun

Emily Lasater Does My Hair the way I want it!!
Do you know how hard that is to find!
Curls have a mind of their own!
And so do I!!
So she cuts where I want !
A little here, A little there!
She patiently listens to me! Asks if she got it right, then does a little Edward Scissorhands, lol
Then we talk and create again!
She is so much fun! She is teaching me how to laugh again!
I like looking the way I want to! Thanks to Emily! Yeah!
She convinced me I should let my silver grey grow out!
Best thing I ever did!
My long curly side swoop bangs took way longer to grow out than my short do…. and I’ve never gotten more compliments in my life!
So she keeps my bangs mildly colored ..just auburn enough to catch appreciative eyes!
I LOVE my hair for the first time in many many years!
Thanks Emily!-Jane Hamilton

I definitely don’t have curly hair, but luckily every head of hair Emily touches turns to gold ❤️ back in april, I had red hair and wanted the color refreshed in time for my senior pictures as well as prom. I went to a girl right out of school because it was cheap, and she turned my hair bright pink and purple! after hours of magic and tons of thought, Emily did one of THE best color corrections I’ve ever seen, and just in time for my senior pics..😍🙏🏼 she has so much patience and skill, I definitely recommend Em.-Daisy F

I’ve been having Emily color my hair for years! She is absolutely the best!! She listens to you and works with you so the outcome is perfect, every time. She also does amazing curly cuts as well- Rebecca Segars


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.